The Elko Engineering Garage hosts a wide array of printing technology, including FDM, SLA, and Polyjet printers. We offer over 20 different filaments and resins - allowing you to print with a variety of material properties, surface finishes, colours, and more.

Makers can print for free with PLA on our self-serve desktop FDM Dremel 3D45 printers after completing the desktop FDM training session. Additionally, makers can use the remaining printing resources at material cost by using our submit to print service. Any active University of Alberta student or staff who has completed Elko Engineering Garage Orientation is encouraged to submit a print!

  1. Complete the online Orientation
  2. Read the Print it Yourself Policy
  3. Register for Desktop FDM Training
  4. Follow our Printing Guide
  5. Submit your job to the 3DPrinterOS queue
  6. Come to the Garage to Print it Yourself!

Students and educators can download Fusion 360 for free here! Others can download a free trial here or use the Design Computers in the Elko Engineering Garage.