The Garage will be CLOSED until further notice. Updates to follow. All in-person Training Sessions are cancelled until further notice. See link for more detail from the U of A Health Centre: Link Here
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If you are interested in receiving training on any of the available equipment in the Garage, please follow this guide to sign up.

Orientation sessions are Drop-In (no registration needed), but is MANDATORY for all new Garage users.

Training Registration opens 5pm Friday before a planned session

Step-by-step guide

  1. Browse the planned training for the month on the Planned Training Sessions page
  2. Register through the Training Registration Calendar page
    1. session will open for registration 5pm the Friday before a planned session
  3. Ensure you have signed up for an LMACS account BEFORE arriving at a Training Session
    1. sign up instructions can be found on the Register for Garage Access page
  4. Ensure you read the documentation BEFORE arriving at a Training Session
    1. documentation can be found on the Garage Equipment page
  5. Training Session at the Garage will start promptly at the specified time